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Data Maintenance

How is the data collected?

Our national database of 175 million high school students, college students, young adults and parents is collected from some of the following sources: proprietary survey distributed in high schools, educational websites, public record information and college directories.

How often is the data cleaned?

The database is updated daily and cleansed monthly. Each month the data is passed through our hygiene process which includes CASS certification, LACS, DSF2, NCOA, address standardization, deceased suppression, prison suppression and underage suppression. We believe that clean data results in higher response and a better R.O.I.

Getting Data

What elements do your data record include?

Our data can be segmented in many ways to get you the most targeted and responsive audience. Some of our segments include: gender, DOB, city, state, ZIP code, county, ethnicity, graduation year, GPA, field of study, and hobbies/interests.

Data Protection

How does ASL Marketing store data?

Our data is housed on our own secure servers. Data protection policies are enforced across our servers, networks and endpoints. IT compliance controls and management policies are proactively enforced to protect all sensitive information. Real time, offsite, replication ensures the highest level of data availability. When distributed, the data is sent through a secure file transfer protocol and optional data encryption is available.

What are you data privacy practices?

All campaigns are reviewed for illicit content prior to the data being released. Great efforts are taken to ensure our database members can opt-out at any time and by several different methods. We are CAN SPAM compliant.


Can this data be used for digital campaigns?

Yes! Our un-modeled household level data is compiled directly from the source and is anonymized and turned into a digital cookie. Our records are then matched to connected devices and distributed to your audience segmentation on your preferred applications and platforms. 

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